Structures: Up to 4 Shafts

Monographs on topics focusing on structures that can be woven on looms with up to 4 shafts.
(image for) Pictionary


Marcy's Pictionary of Weaving Structures is now available in print form, collected in a 3-ring binder so you can remove individual sheets for use in...
(image for) Re-Inventing Twills

Re-Inventing Twills

Taking the idea of a float, this 121-page monograph develops the concept of a twill: balanced and unbalanced, straight, broken, pointed, undulating,...
(image for) There is Nothing Plain about Plain Weave

There is Nothing Plain about Plain Weave

Because of its maximal interlacement, plain weave offers optical blending of colors – variegated, random warps, stripes and checks, etc. – and...
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