Structures: More than 4

These monographs concern topics of textile structures on looms of 4 or more shafts
(image for) From Four to More

From Four to More

All of the weaving structures used on four shafts can be expanded to more; sometimes it is just a matter of adding more blocks, but other times...
(image for) Structure and Function

Structure and Function

As when using the perfect word in writing, weaving a project with the perfect structure maximizes its function. Fiber and yarn matter; color adds a...
(image for) Rectangular Float Weaves

Rectangular Float Weaves

This is the term used by Irene Emory in The Primary Structure of Fabrics to describe structures derived from plain weave which include those we...
(image for) An Eight-Shaft Primer of Tied Unit Weaves

An Eight-Shaft Primer of Tied Unit Weaves

In these compound structures, with one warp and two wefts, we can change the number and placement of tie-down shafts and of pattern shafts, and vary...
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