eBook: Planning a Project: How to Make Good Cloth

  • Author: Marcy Petrini

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Making good cloth starts with careful project planning; this clearly illustrated 96-page monograph begins by introducing a detailed project sheet that explains the steps needed to determine the amount of yarn required for the project before starting, and how to evaluate the dimensions of the final fabric at the end of the project. An annotated example is provided. The first step in planning a cloth is chosing a structure, which requires an understanding of how to read a weaving pattern; this is explained step by step while deriving a drawdown, the paper representation of the pattern. Introductions to structures, fibers, yarns, sett and color are included as these are important components of a good cloth. There are several steps that make a good cloth and these are discussed with step-by-step illustrations: 1) how to add floating selvages; 2) how to identify unknow fibers with a burn test; 3) how to use a yarn balance; 4) how to sley evenly; 5) how to hem on the loom; and 6) how to twist a fringe. A loom is necessary for a life time of weaving; the monograph concludes with a consideration of the decisions that must be made before purchasing a loom as well as the tools needed, some absolutely necessary, including loom maintenance tools, some very useful, for example a shed mirror, other still a luxury, such as end-feed shuttles.

98 pages; 116 illustrations; 21 drawdowns; 65 tables; lays flat.
ISBN: 978-0-9965577-1-9. Published April 8, 2015.
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