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Marcy's Pictionary of Weaving Structures is now available as an eBook. Normally the pages are collected in a 3-ring binder so you can remove individual sheets for use in your weaving projects and new pages can be added as they become available. Each structure has its own page - single sided - that summarizes the structure, provides a drawdown and is illustrated by one or more photos of a sample fabric.

The introduction provides advice on how to adjust the number of threads of the pattern to the number of threads for the width of your project.

Individual pages continue to be available for free on Marcy's website:

76 structures.
13 page introduction.
89 pages, 119 photographs, 88 drawdowns and 22 tables.
Most recently updated: April, 2019.

eBook - the PDF will be made available from a DropBox folder - we will email you a link that is good for a week.
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