Beginning Weaving - second edition

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  • Author: Marcy Petrini

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Every step of the weaving process is covered in detail with clear and detailed photographs: no more stopping the video to figure out what to do! It is easy to follow the directions in this large format, 96 page monograph because it is spiral bound – it opens flat to make it easier to follow the directions. A small sash is used to illustrate winding the warp, dressing the loom (putting the warp on the loom), threading the heddles, sleying the reed with the appropriate sett, and tying the warp on the loom. Suggestions for avoiding errors and for achieving good tension are provided throughout. Using plain weave, the reader learns the steps to make good cloth: tying the treadles, checking the shed for errors, spreading the warp, adding weft to the warp using the appropriate shuttle, beating the weft correctly and obtaining even selvages; adding new weft of the same or of a different color are also shown. Once woven, the steps to take the fabric off the loom and finishing it properly are illustrated. A glossary and references concludes the monograph.
96 pages; 200 illustrations; 12 tables; opens flat.
ISBN: 978-0-9965577-0-2; Published November 1, 2014.
Second printing.
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